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                                           ABOUT THE BANOS BROTHERS

Over 20 years ago, brothers Angel and William Banos opened their first Gold's Gym franchise in North Hollywood, CA. Approaching this new venture in true entrepreneurial fashion, the Banos Brothers set out to take the Gold's Gym brand to higher levels. Over the past 27 years, Gold's Gym SoCal has expanded to 12 of the finest fitness facilities under the Gold's Gym brand. The Banos Brother's vision is driven  through passion to create a vibrant hybrid of iron and class that resonates in all of our monumental Gold's Gym location through Southern California.

                                               ABOUT GOLD'S GYM

Gold's Gym has been the authority on fitness since 1965. It was then that a fitness enthusiast name Joe Gold took the knowledge and expertise he had gained from training at the most famous "Muscle Beach" and opened up the first Gold's Gym on Pacific Avenue in Venice, California. Learn more about the legacy here.

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